My name is Rabbi Ken Brodkin—welcome to my Blog, Torah Journey!  Explore this website for insights into the Torah, the Weekly ParshaJewish Holidays & Seasons and more!

Each insight is designed with YOU in mind.  While the wisdom of the Bible and Judaism are amazing, it’s not always easy to understand the Torah much less apply it to our modern lives.  I started this website because of my passion to help people like you access, appreciate and apply the timeless wisdom of Judaism to your life. 

I serve as Rabbi of Congregation Kesser Israel in Portland, Oregon.  One of my favorite parts of being a rabbi is sharing Torah thoughts with my congregation each Shabbat & Holiday morning. The thoughts that I share with the congregation are not just speeches I write in the office.  They are ideas and passions that bubble up.  

My kids used to listen to a cassette about a preacher who was “always preachin.”  And when he wasn’t “preachin” he was “thinkin about preachin.”  I have gone for many a long walk along the coast or in the mountains.  Wherever my mind goes, in the end, I’m “thinkin about preachin.”  After learning something in Torah, the ideas begin to grow, especially when I am out in nature. 

But then again, “preaching” is not what it sounds like (at least for me).  On a deeper level it is about sharing a part of myself that I think will help other people on their own journey.

This past summer, I spent a Shabbat at the Oregon Coast.  Looking out into the rough water from the barren beachhead, I was overcome by a new serenity. The water was rough, impactful and yet calming all at once.  Filled with the ocean air, I decided to start a Blog.  I wanted to take all that “preachin” and make it go further so that more of us could share in this incredible journey together.

The important thing here is that I started this Blog for YOU.  Just like you, my life has been a journey.  Torah learning has enriched and helped me along every different path that I have been on.  I am amazed and moved by Torah, Tanach and Jewish learning. I hope that Torah Journey will make your own life path more fulfilling.

  • It doesn’t matter what kind of Jewish background you have…
  • It doesn’t matter how observant or knowledgeable you are…
  • It doesn’t matter if you are Jewish…

If you are in search of Jewish wisdom on the journey of your life, Torah Journey is for YOU!

The posts here are written to make you think – but they are also written to be understood.  So please explore and enjoy these pieces.  From my journey to your journey, I look forward to connecting!  I would also love to here from you if you would like to reach out to me by email.

And remember…

Life’s a Journey, Torah’s a Guide.”