Cheshvan Genesis Noach

The Genesis of Family

Recently, I came across an advertisement challenging religion. The ad depicted a person extending their hand to an individual in need, helping to lift them up. The ad remarked, “you don’t need G-d”. It went on to say, just be a person who helps others and follows the golden rule. Maybe it makes sense? There are many irreligious folks […]

Elul Posts

Finding Dawn

Did you ever have an experience where you up late in the darkness of night tossing and turning in anxiety? Perhaps about a financial problem or a conflict with your boss or co-worker? Then you wake up to the first rays of light.  Suddenly, your mind is fills with solutions. What seemed like an insurmountable problem is […]


The Place G-d Will Show You – Re’eh

Ever feel that you don’t know where your destiny lies? You’re not alone. Ever since Avraham, the Jewish people have been on a vulnerable journey to a destination that’s often unknown. *** This past April, four days before Pesach, I arrived in Israel. I went to the supermarket, jetlagged, to shop for Pesach. Suddenly, I was surrounded […]


Not By Bread

Meaning of Time Recently, my wife was diagnosed with an intracranial tumor. Though benign, this large tumor exerted pressure on her optic nerve, and she experienced significant loss of vision over a period of several months. For a long time, we were in the dark as to the cause of her problem. As it turns out, […]


Speak No Evil

The Roots of Destruction For much of the world, summer is associated with baseball, beaches and BBQs. For us Jews, we think about national crises and existential challenges. Our rabbis say that it all comes down to speech. As the Gemara teaches, the Second Temple was destroyed on account of baseless hatred. The Chafetz Chayim […]

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